TAB battery automatic transport system

Flexible and intelligent transport for the handling of bobbins, cones, cans and fabric rolls.

The TAB automatic transport system allows to get a total automation in mills where having a great flexibility is a key factor. This system allows a driving unit, activated by automatic self-recharging batteries, to move through all the installation, conveying the material among the machines, without the need of any kind of manual intervention.

This unit is controlled by a software that allows to realise changes in the stock area and in the assignation among the machines. The material at the store is conveyed towards the machines following a FIFO logic, avoiding the same bobbins to be always at the stock. This type of transport allows a higher rationalization of this process and provides a control in real time of the material in the production process.

Installations designed made-to-measure. Monitoring in real time all the operations realised by the automotor. Easy programming in perfect synchrony with the needs of each mill. Automotors controlled by computer and automatic recharge battery operated.

TAC chain automatic
transport systems


Ideal automation of the bobbins, cones and cans transport for standard and semi-standard productions.

This system consists in the application of some chains that work in closed circuits and convey the material among the production machines, allowing the operator to find the material always close to the place he may need it. This way, most of the manual intervention in the process is eliminated, increasing the quality of the final product.

It avoids the defects produced by the manual handling and storage of the product, increasing the quality and productivity. Solid and simple mechanic design. It can be adapted to roving frames of manual or automatic doffing.

The type and course of each circuit is determined by a particular and detailed study of the specific productions and needs of each mill.