Textile travelling cleaners for spinning


An investment in quality and productivity. You may reduce breakages, quality defects and will improve the environmental conditions, increasing production, being the yarn breakages on the machine considerably reduced.


These categories comprise different type of cleaners, specially adapted to clean different production spinning machines. According to the specific needs of each machine and customer, different models may be installed; from cleaners with manual discharge to models with high performance.

Appropriate models for the cleaning of ring spinning frames, roving frames, winders, twisters and Open-End machines.

LS-GR travelling cleaners. Equipments controlled by PLC, with intelligent automatic discharge, robot functions such as special cuttings of the reserve, state auto-diagnosis…

LM travelling cleaners. Competitive solution with manual discharge.


Textile travelling cleaners for weaving


Highly effective and performing equipments. Get a higher productivity, reducing stoppages and quality defects. High suctioning and blowing capacity, allowing to keep the looms in optimum cleaning conditions. Minimum maintenance. Great improvement of environmental conditions. Several models with particularly studied executions for each case, making possible a perfect adaptation to the cleaning needs of the different loom types.

Controlled by PLC, automatic discharge, automatic reverse. Model LT-2 for straight looms. Model GR-AJ for jacquard installations. Model LS-AK for knitting and model LO-EU and LS-EU for warping creels, with manual or automatic discharge.